An understanding of ultrasound physics is essential to the process of imaging, particularly to help identify the common image artefacts produced.


Remember that you are never seeing structures on the screen, only reflected sounds waves. Any time any 'structure' looks unusual or unnatural, stop and think: 'is this an artefact?'


Always remember that equipment selection is crucial. Choosing the correct ultrasound probe/transucer is important and once selected, should obviously be maintained for consistency of imaging results. For example, the majority of the scans produced on this website were all produced using the GE Vivid 7 Ultrasound machine, using a 10 MHz Sector Probe.


The links in the right-hand sidebar contain important and relevant information. Please note the 1st in the list, entitled 'US Physics Concepts' where we have listed external websites providing information and explanations which we feel may be very helpful to you.  


We will not attempt here to summarise and teach the physics of ultrasound. However, we recommend that all echocardiographers take the time to attend a basic ultrasound course which will include physics material. 










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