Parasternal Short Axis View

The fifth view in the series is the parasternal short axis view. Leave your echo probe in the same place as it was for the long axis imaging (somewhere near the lower left sternal edge, around the fourth intercostal space) but now rotate it 90degrees clockwise. The side marker on the probe should now be pointing toward the patient's left shoulder.

This view is again slightly less anatomically tangible than the apical four chamber view, so take a second to absorb it. You are now trying to image along the short axis of the heart, as if you were cutting it crosswise. 

At the initial view you should be able to see a healthy, tricuspid aortic valve, sometimes called the 'Mercedes Benz sign'. You may also be able to see the left and right coronary arteries.

Short Axis Normal Aortic Valve:

(Ao-Aorta, LA-Left Atrium, PV-Pulmonary Valve, RA-Right Atrium)

By tilting to look towards the patient's left hip you can gradually scan through the left ventricle at different levels acquiring a basal view: 

Mid-ventricular view:

and Apical View:

By tilting to look towards the patient's left shoulder one can again visualise the pulmonary valve:

(Ao-Aorta, LPA-Left Pulmonary Artery, PV-Pulmonary Valve,

RPA-Right Pulmonary Artery)